Precautionary measures for avoiding snake bite
a.    Don’t disturb the snakes. Many people have been bitten in their effort to kill, persecute of get closer to a poisonous snake.
b.    When walking in the countryside avoid moving through tall grasses or bushes unless you wear thick leather or rubber boots. Remain when possible to clean paths.  

c.    Always carry a stick for moving dense vegetation in you path before moving forward.
d.    Keep your hands and legs away from areas and spots you can’t clearly see.
e.    Be very careful when climbing rocks or trees and avoid approaching springs, ponds or troughs in the countryside especially when they are surrounded with dense

f.    Vegetation where snakes can easily hide. These points are used during the warm periods of the year as shelters and foraging places for many snakes.


What to avoid when bitten
a.    Don’t cut the area of the bit. Possible damage to the tissues can cause worse problems by spreading the poison throughout the body.
b.    Don’t ever try to suck the venom with your mouth


   First Aids
a.    Call immediately for help
b.    Wash the wound with soap and clean water
c.    Immobilize the bitten areas and keep it below the level of the heart
d.    Urgent transfer of the victim to the nearest medical center.

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