Worm Snake

Full name: Typhlops vermicularis Merrem, 1820

Very small species with size not exceeding 30-35cm. It belongs to the family Typhlopidae and can be considered as almost blind. It has two very small eyes (like dark dots), with which is able to detect only fluctuations of lights. Its pink or beige color, in combination with its shape, makes it resemble earthworm but can be easily identified as a snake because of its scales, its movements and its two small eyes.

It lives in burrows in the ground that manufactures by itself, both in arable lands and wastelands. Usually detected during the spring, beneath stones.


Ants and termites along with their eggs.


Little known. It leys 4-8 eggs in each clutch.
Distribution in Cyprus:
From the coast until 600m altitude.
Distribution worldwide:
Balkans, Caucasus, Turkey, Middle East, East Asia.

Condition: Common

Special protection:-




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