Montpellier Snake

Full name: Malpolon insignitus (Geoffroy in Savigny, 1827)


Big and strong snake whose length can reach two meters. Juveniles have brown body color with numerous white or yellow dashed stripes while adults have a uniform gray to olive green color. The chin has white dots and the belly is usually yellow.


Found in numerous types of habitats. It can be lacated from hot, arid and rocky habitats, to cultivated lands, forest or shrubs.


Small mammals, lizards and other smaller snakes.


It reproduces during late spring and can lay up to 20 eggs in summer. The eggs hatch approximately one month after their deposit.


Distribution in Cyprus:
Widespread from the coast to the high peaks of Troodos mountain.

Distribution worldwide:
North Africa, Greece, Cyprus, west Asia from Turkey and the Mediterranean coast of middle East to Iran.


Condition: Common

Special protection:-




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