Cyprus Whip Snake

Full name: Hierophis cypriensis (Schätti, 1985)


Very thin snake with a length up to one meter. Young individuals have an olive green body color while adults are black. At the top of the back thin transverse white stripes can be seen while there is also a characteristic white ring around the eye.


Usually lives in areas with dense vegetation that are located near streams, rivers and ravines. Was first found in wooded areas, but seems to have more wide distribution.


Small mammals, lizards, frogs and large insects.


Little known. Lay eggs.
Distribution in Cyprus:
From 100 to 1400m altitude.
Distribution worldwide:
Endemic of Cyprus

Not particularly common to rare.

Special protection:
• Priority species.
• Strictly protected by European directive 92/43/EC
• Strictly protected by national law 153(I)2003
• Declared as “Endangered” by IUCN

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