Full name: Stellagama stellio (Linnaeus, 1758)

Endemic species S. s. cypriaca (Daan, 1967)


The family includes 433 species found in Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. These medium size diurnal lizards can reach half a meter in length. Although there is great diversity of color and form in the representatives of this group, the triangular head and the absence of large scales from the upper part of the head is a characteristic common to all individuals of this family. In Cyprus family Agamidae is represented by only one species, the Starred Agama.


Medium sized lizard with body length not exiting 30cm. Head markedly triangular and flattened. Brightly rough skin with numerous bumps and spines on the dorsal surface, the flanks and tail. The back has dark gray color with yellowish and black spots. Of particular impression are the asteroids pale white formations in the backbone of individuals. The English name «Starred Agamas» is owed to this formation. The abdomen usually has a pale white color. The representatives of the species are very fast runners and excellent climbers.


Widespread on the island without preference for a specific habitat. Occupies almost all the ecosystems in the areas of occurrence although it prefers rocky surfaces, rock walls or piles and ruins of houses where can easily find refuge. It occurs from the coast to an altitude of 1,900 meters.


Wide range of terrestrial invertebrates, birds’ chicks, small mammals and fruits.


Lays 3-10 large eggs in crevices or under stones and rocks during spring.

Global distribution: Greece, Asia Minor, Turkey, Middle East, Cyprus, north Egypt.


Status: Common


Special protection:
• Protected by European Directive 92/43/EC (Annex IV)
• Protected by the Cyprus Law 153 (I) 2003 (Annex III)
• Protected by the Bern Convention (Annex II)




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